Character Creation Guidelines

-We will be using the offline Character Builder (I’ll share it out at work or you guys can just build a character over at my machine)

  • Think up a brief character concept before you go wading through the builder. There’s a lot of shit in there. Look thru the book PDFs for ideas. Things to remember:
    Arcane mages are rare and are outlaws. We would probably only have 1 in the group and they would have to work hard to keep their power a secret.
    Most ‘magic’ is psionic magic in DS. Feel free to check out the awesome psionic classes. Also, preservation magic is common (druids/shamans etc) and encouraged.
  • Choose a race that fits the campaign. Muls (bald dwarves), Goliaths, Human, Thri-kreen, Dragonborn etc.. No non-dark sun races. Elves are not respected in DS and Eladrin are rare. Halflings are considered savages and live a primal lifestyle. Minotaurs are sometimes seen in DS.
  • Ability scores: Standard 22 point-buy. Make sure its legal and not house-ruled.
  • Classes: No divine classes (gods are dead) Arcane user – 1 per party and bluff is highly recommended.
  • Choose a Dark Sun character theme, you get a free power from it. The choices are: Athasian Minstrel Dune Trader, Elemental Priest, Gladiator, Noble Adept, Primal Guardian, Templar, Veiled Alliance, Wasteland Nomad, Wilder.

*Choose character backgrounds (no scales of war, eberron, forgotten realms etc.. those are different campaign settings)

*Choose your one free wild psionic talent (dark sun book)

*Equipment: 100g and a bunch of starter items, show me and I’ll approve of them. Remember to grab some survival items (its a fucking desert after all)

*Print out your sheet!

Character Creation Guidelines

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