Dark Sun - Ruined World

The Beginning

Our intrepid heroes found themselves thrust into a gladiatorial arena for the enjoyment of nobles associated with House Jharko. During the course of the fight, Acacius fell into a pit, Rhogar got his face smashed repeatedly, Hakkah managed to miss nearly all his attacks until the final moment where he landed a crippling killing blow. Jasper got himself caught in between a crazed desert trader and some slaves, but managed to recover. Sindiri’s accuracy with her bow proved to be a very valuable asset and crippled many. In boar form Dhak gored many a combatant, but his finest moment was summoning an awesome fire hawk which dazzled the spectators. Sardis, while under great duress, managed to dish out some hefty damage. He also fell in love with one of the female spectators in the crowd.

Attacked by a powerful psionic hiding in the crowd, the party falls unconscious – stay tuned!


ScottyChips ScottyChips

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